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    The province of Galilee is approximately 30-40 miles (65km) from north to south, and 20-25 (45km) from east to west. Southern Galilee is an area of fertile valleys and low hills rising to 2,000 ft. Nazareth and Cana are hillside towns. The main city Sepphoris was destroyed and burnt by the Romans in 3 BC. Herod Antipas rebuilt it during Jesus' early years. The building of such a city took about twelve years and may well have been a factor in Joseph's decision to settle in Nazareth six kilometres - an hour's walk - from Sepphoris. Although it is not stated in the New Testament, it seems likely that Jesus would have visited the city with his younf companions from Nazareth. The building of the city of Tiberias in 17 AD diminished the importance of Sepphoris. In Contrast to southern Galilee, Northern Galilee is mountainous with peaks rising to 4,000ft. At the same time of Jesus it was a rather inhospitable area.
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