(1300 - 1361)


  Dear child, if you are to be drawn into and transformed into God, you must lose your former nature, your self, your self-love, your absorption and satisfaction in your own activity, in fact every form of self-obsession. You must be prepared for all of this. "Two lives and two forms cannot exist together in one being"; if heat is to enter, cold must of necessity go out; and if God is to enter, the creature's love of' itself and clinging to itself must go out. If God is really to perform His works in you, you must be purely passive. All your powers must quite abandon their own activities and preoccupations and must he kept utterly free of yourself. You must deny all your own powers and he content to be purely and entirely nothing. The more the depths of your soul are emptied of all that is yourself, the truer and more essential will your union with God be. This selflessness was never more purely and truly seen than in the soul of our Lord Jesus Christ. We might say of Him, if this were possible for anyone, that He had no self, so perfect was His union with the Father. He was utterly united to the Father, because He denied Himself utterly. . . .


In their many different idioms the classical spiritual writers have attempted to throw light on the eternal question of union with God. 
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