(1875 – 1965)

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When I look back upon my early days I am stirred by the thought of the number of people whom I have to thank for what they gave me or for what they were to me.  At the same time I am haunted by an oppressive consciousness of the little gratitude I really showed them when I was young…. For all that, I think I can say with truth that I am not ungrateful.  I did occasionally wake up out of that youthful thoughtlessness…. But down to my twentieth year, and even later still, I did not exert myself sufficiently to express the gratitude which was really in my heart.  I valued too low the pleasure felt at receiving real proofs of gratitude.  Often, too, shyness prevented me from expressing the gratitude I felt. 

As a result of this experience with myself I refuse to think that there is so much ingratitude in the world as is commonly maintained.  I have never interpreted the parable of the Ten Lepers to mean that only one was grateful.  All the ten, surely, were grateful, but nine of them hurried home first…. One of them, however, had a disposition which made him act at once as his feelings bade him; he sought out the person who had helped him, and refreshed his soul with the assurance of his gratitude.

In the same way we ought all to make an effort to act on our first thoughts and let our unspoken gratitude find expression.  Then there will be more sunshine in the world, and more power to work for what is good.  But as concerns ourselves, we must all of us take care not to adopt as part of a theory of life all people’s bitter sayings about the ingratitude of the world.  A great deal of water is flowing underground which never comes up as a spring.  In that thought we may find comfort.  But we ourselves must try to be the water which does find its way up; we must become a spring at which people can quench their thirst for gratitude. 


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In their many different idioms the classical spiritual writers have attempted to throw light on the eternal question of union with God. 
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