ST AUGUSTINE - (354 – 430)


  You who do not yet see God will, by loving your neighbour, make yourself worthy of seeing him. By loving your neighbour, you cleanse your eyes so you can see God. Love your neighbour, then, and see within yourself the source of this love of neighbour. There you will see God insofar as you are able. (Sermon on John 17, 8)

Extend your love over the whole earth if you desire to love Christ, for Christ's members are all over the earth. If you love but a part, you are divided. If you are divided, you are not in the Body. If you are not in the Body, you are not under the Head. What good is it for you to believe and blaspheme Him in the Body! (Sermon on 1 John 10, 7)

See, we are heading toward great things. Let us take advantage of the little things and we will become great. Do you want to reach the heights of God? Take hold first of the humility of God. Put on the humility of God. Put on the humility of Christ. Learn to be humble; do not grow proud. (Sermon 117, 17)

Your every breath yearns for Christ. He alone is the Desired One, the most beautiful of all. Christ loved us in our unloveliness, in order to make us beautiful like himself. (Sermon on John 10, 13)

If you praise the works of God, then you will also have to praise yourself, for you too are a work of God. Here is how you can praise yourself yet not be proud. Praise not yourself but God in you. Offer praise, not because you are this or that kind of person, but because God made you; not because you are capable of doing this or that, but because he works in you and through you. (Commentary on Psalm 144, 7)  


In their many different idioms the classical spiritual writers have attempted to throw light on the eternal question of union with God. 
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