left Quote ST IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH (+ c. 108 AD)POPE LEO THE GREAT (c. 400-461 AD)


It is not enough to know the Son of God in his divine nature only.  We have to acknowledge him in our own human nature without denying his divine nature. For that self-emptying, which he underwent for our restoration, was a work of compassion, not a loss of identity. For, though by the eternal purpose of God there was 'no other name under heaven given whereby they might be saved' (Acts 4:12), the Invisible God made himself visible, the Timeless became temporal, the One who was incapable of suffering became capable of it: not so that power might decline into weakness, but that weakness might be transformed into indestructible power.

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In their many different idioms the classical spiritual writers have attempted to throw light on the eternal question of union with God. 
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